Saturday, March 10, 2007

There's a library in my closet!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy deciding not to do the PhD and a bunch of other related stuff (long story, but I'd pretty much rather hang out with the sweet, charming, well-dressed, funny, and emotionally intelligent Natalie than, well... draw your own conclusions).

Natalie's doing great. She's eating solids twice a day, sitting up on her own, and developing her own unique sense of humor. We are planning our first trip together to visit the UK relatives, so please send any travel tips you can think of! In the meantime, I'll try to catch up with all my friends in Blogland.

(Thanks to Wondertime magazine for the fun decorating idea!)


delphi said...

I LOVE the decor. Gorgeous, as is the girl!

I hope we can catch up soon.

Take care.

Kate said...

Thanks for the update, I've been checking in regularly, wondering how you are all doing.

Good choice to ditch the PhD for a while and spend time with Princess Natalie. I'm struggling with my Masters thesis at the moment, and find it so hard to slot in an hour here and there between naps, solids, washing etc.

We have only done car trips so no great tips from me, but have a brilliant time.

Keep in touch,
K xo